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Raw material pushes up and demand is light

Recently, under the support of the stable signal released by the long-term unit price of large enterprises, the overall tungsten raw material market has maintained a slow upward momentum. However, due to the impact of the epidemic and poor logistics, the demand in the end consumer market has been weak, and the price increase orders have not been fully accepted. The scale of purchases remains low.     At present, the tungsten ore market maintains a strong momentum. Mining companies maintain full production under the impetus of high prices. Under the influence of price increases and poor logistics, the supply shortage continues. The short-term market price is gradually approaching the 120,000/standard ton mark.     The APT market continues to maintain a slow upward momentum. Although the magnitude is not large, the trend remains upward. Most manufacturers have tight spot inventories, and the downstream stocking is expected to increase, making the APT price still slowly moving up to 185,000/ton.     Powder companies are currently in an embarrassing situation. Driven by the price of tungsten raw materials, powder quotations are still in the upward stage. However, the price of cobalt powder, one of the important raw materials of cemented carbide, has dropped significantly, which has caused difficulties in raising prices in the alloy market and indirectly affected tungsten carbide. Powder stocking requirements.     After a surge in the ferrotungsten market, both supply and demand have gradually flattened. 80 ferrotungsten is mainly exported. The tight supply of domestic scrap tungsten has led to a tight supply of 70 ferrotungsten. However, short-term steel companies have also slowed down their purchases due to the impact of the epidemic. Therefore, in the short term, 70 The price of ferrotungsten barely maintained at around 181,000/ton.     The biggest obstacle in the export market at present is the logistics and transportation link. Last year, the sea freight rate rose sharply and has not returned to a rational position. The domestic port logistics is again affected by the epidemic, and it is difficult to invite freight drivers without stars. Shanghai Port and Ningbo Port The pressure on Hong Kong is serious, and it is difficult to alleviate in the short term, so the volume and price are gradually disconnected. Affected by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the interest rate hike in the United States, foreign prices will fluctuate at a high level. .     Comprehensive analysis shows that the overall economy is currently in the stage of "stagflation", and it is difficult to transfer the sharp rise in raw materials to the final consumer market. Malicious bidding, under the influence of sluggish demand, the overall tungsten market may experience a correction.

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