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The market is slightly differentiated

In the recent tungsten market, the upstream raw material supply is tight, and the downstream terminal consumption has not yet followed up. The market volume and price of ferrotungsten and tungsten powder have both increased, but the low-grade tungsten ore, APT and tungsten carbide markets have not yet ushered in transactions and follow-up, the short-term market There is a differentiation of small horse-drawn carts.     At present, the price difference in the tungsten ore market is widening. The price of 65-degree wolframite concentrate has reached the 120,000/standard ton mark, and the market price of 55-degree wolframite is still around 117,500/ton. The short-term tungsten ore market supply is slightly tight. Slightly higher trend.     APT market quotations have also risen, and some suppliers have taken the opportunity to raise their quotations to around 182,000/ton. However, due to the weakening of downstream back-to-back demand, the purchase volume of customers is not large, and the transaction is gradually approaching 181,000/ton.     The short-term quotation in the powder market remains high, but the downstream phased procurement of alloys has not been followed up, and some customers who just need it gradually accept 273 yuan/kg, but the price of 275 yuan/kg has not been fully recognized. The cobalt powder market is currently stuck at 660 yuan/kg. Although there is still strong support on the raw material side, the purchases on the demand side are all sporadic small orders.     The market demand for ferrotungsten has increased significantly. Due to the large volume of exported ferrotungsten, it is difficult for some domestic buyers to find the source of goods. The domestic quotation of 80 ferrotungsten is 185,500/base ton, and the quotation of 70 ferrotungsten reaches 180,000/base ton. Some special steel companies invite bids The volume has also increased significantly, and the 90-ton bidding of a steel company has increased significantly.     The scrap tungsten market is currently active. With the lifting of the ban on the Qinghe market, traders have increased their inquiries, and the price of some high-cobalt alloy bars without tax has reached more than 180 yuan/kg.     Due to the liberalization of foreign epidemic prevention and control, the export market has a good momentum of economic recovery, and the demand for procurement and replenishment has increased. In addition, the recent depreciation trend of the RMB is favorable for exports, and the short-term tungsten export market has performed positively.     Comprehensive analysis shows that during the Ganzhou meeting at the beginning of the month, due to the appropriate volume of transactions, a wave of bottoming was formed, and as the long-term orders of large companies in the second half of the month supported market confidence, supply companies were optimistic and willing to push higher in the short term. Considering that the end consumer market is difficult to follow up quickly, it is expected that the increase in raw materials will not be very large, and it will still be dominated by a small upward trend.

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