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Tungsten Scrap Market Analysis

At present, the weakening stage of the tungsten market has not been effectively alleviated. Taking APT as an example, manufacturers are not very willing to sell at a price. Under pressure, the price of 55-degree wolframite is basically maintained at around 1.61/kg; the waste market has not moved much in the short term. Affected by the sudden epidemic in the Qinghe area, basic logistics, transportation, etc. have been restricted. The following is the news learned by this website.       According to this website, a local scrap trader in Hebei said that the ordered goods are still on the way, and the epidemic came suddenly; another local company said that the current quotation of scrap alloy is 175, and it is difficult to support the price after 180. The quotations match; other local companies said that the price of high-cobalt bars has been adjusted appropriately, and there is no shipment for the time being. The company said that the stock of powder alloy end raw materials is relatively sufficient recently; regardless of purchasing, the external quotation is still the last price; a company in Zhejiang pulled back the powder price of 165 from a manufacturer, and another waste processing company in Shandong expressed its intention to expand in the direction of waste alloy processing. ; Another new local manufacturer said that there is no pressure on electrolysis and zinc tungsten at present, and the order is ok. Another customer in Hunan, Guangdong and other places said that the price of large tungsten with high proportion has dropped significantly to a higher point.       Industry analysis: It is difficult to have quantitative transactions in the short-term scrap market. At present, the outbreak of the epidemic in Hebei has caused local merchants to dump, ship, and purchase goods from each other. Therefore, customers relying on the Hebei scrap market have no hope of making transactions in the short term. . In addition, the buyer's market purchase intention is still not strong, and the mentality will only change when the big market enters a completely stable period. Caution is recommended. It is recommended to operate cautiously and keep an eye on market information.

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