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War is hard to drive tungsten consumption

Recently, many customers have been discussing the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian war on the tungsten market. Although tungsten products are used in armor-piercing bullets and tungsten core bullets, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is basically dominated by missiles and long-range artillery, and almost no tanks face to face. The situation of A, and there is no opportunity for the Navy to use tungsten-cored Phalanx artillery to intercept missiles, so this war is almost impossible with tungsten. However, there is resistance to Russia's future export of ferrotungsten to Europe, and Chinese ferrotungsten can restore the strong position of European ferrotungsten.     At present, the market price of tungsten ore is still loose. Due to the eagerness of some suppliers who stocked up in the early stage, the price of tungsten ore rough sand has dropped again and again. Individual low-grade scheelite has returned to the 1,700 yuan/ton level at once.     The APT market is slightly lower than tungsten ore, but the price of 180,000/ton has been unacceptable, and the price of individual traders is obviously low. The market is approaching the psychological support level of 175,000/ton.     The powder market is currently struggling to support, tungsten powder is 275 yuan/kg, and tungsten carbide powder is 273 yuan/kg gradually. This week, the market transaction may be close to the 270 yuan/kg mark.     The current orders of alloy companies have not improved much. Many companies are waiting for the follow-up of demand. Many large companies have reported that they will go to Ganzhou to investigate the market and then make purchase plans. It is estimated that the concentrated market volume may be in early March to March. appear in the middle.     Comprehensive analysis shows that the tungsten market currently lacks the reason for speculation and demand support. The lack of centralized procurement of alloys in the short term will lead to the lack of market confidence. Moreover, the impact of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is very small, so it is difficult to make waves in the tungsten market. In the short term, we should pay attention to domestic Order situation, should not rely on news to stimulate.

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