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Hot and cold conditions continue

At present, the performance of the tungsten market is still hot before and then cold. Raw material suppliers have slowly pushed up their psychological expectations by taking advantage of the period when the supply has not kept up. However, the price increase in the alloy market has not been recognized, and terminal buyers are mostly on the sidelines. It is difficult to have procurement stocking released to the front end.     The tungsten ore market is basically calm. Most mines have not resumed work, and trading companies have no intention to ship. Individual quotations remain high. However, considering the large backlog of inventory in the market, prices around 120,000/ton may be under pressure.     The long-term unit price of APT has pushed up market expectations one after another. However, due to the lack of follow-up of bulk cargo transactions, the quotation of 180,000/ton is still difficult to implement. It is expected that with the emergence of some bulk cargo transactions next week, the price may still rise slightly.     Powder companies have begun to enter a normal state, but at present, production is mainly maintained by pre-orders, and new back-to-back orders have not been received, so the powder market has not yet become active.     The scrap market is currently under certain pressure. The epidemic in the ancient city of Hebei has caused some traders to remain in isolation. Most suppliers have reported that the ban will not be lifted until the 15th.     Alloy enterprises are still cautious and wait-and-see. As large enterprises are worried about the weakening of economic growth, short-term consumption has weakened slightly, and it is difficult to follow up on alloy price increase orders.     Comprehensive analysis, according to the traditional tungsten raw material market will take the opportunity to push up after the holiday, but this year's consumer demand is significantly weaker than last year, many back-end enterprises are worried about the price rise and stock up in advance, and if consumer demand cannot keep up quickly, it is easy to cause previous problems. If the alloy market has not released the purchase demand at the end of February and early March, the raw material market will usher in a greater test.

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