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Demand is still on the sidelines

The current tungsten market is under great pressure, and the back-end demand is slow to keep up. Many alloy companies are still bearish on the raw material market. According to the weak demand, it is estimated that the price of tungsten raw materials will have a large room for price concessions. Therefore, the short-term purchase intention is still Not strong, more cautious and worried.     The 55 degree black tungsten in the tungsten ore market continues to adhere to the price of 1.46-1.47 yuan per kilogram, and the tax-included price is about 104,000 per standard ton. Because APT is difficult to take orders, there are not many transactions in the short-term tungsten ore market. Suppliers can only Rely on your own financial strength to maintain as much as possible.     The bulk orders in the APT market are not large, and most manufacturers maintain long-term production. Traders’ panic is spreading. Some suppliers even directly fell to about 155,000/ton. Due to the lack of order support, subsequent price declines may be possible. Increase.     The powder market has not kept up with new orders. Some powder companies are under heavy pressure to arrange orders in December. Some companies rush to quote prices to about 250 yuan/kg and hope to receive orders, but the purchase volume is still not as expected. The downstream still wait and see Mainly.     The scrap market has also entered a compensatory decline. With the gradual slowdown of back-end orders, the demand for scrap purchases is obviously cautious. The processing and production of individual powders has been suspended. Traders are accelerating their stockpiling and selling. Short-term abrasive prices will continue to increase. 1.8 yuan/kg degree close.     Comprehensive analysis, the biggest problem in the current tungsten market is the weak demand side. Many alloy companies are delaying their purchases as much as possible. Even if the powder companies make price adjustments, it is difficult to take orders, so they cannot operate back-to-back procurement of APTs, resulting in a lack of transactions in the overall market. As short-term market expectations are still going down, the real purchase demand will be delayed, even until the end of the month or the beginning of next month.

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