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Desolate anticipation

The current tungsten market seems to be similar to the weather in the north. Under the influence of the cold wind, it is getting colder and colder. As market demand continues to be sluggish, and economic expectations are not optimistic, the stockpile companies have to choose to ship goods and realize that they are worried about being stuck. , Manufacturing companies are also unstable in various adverse factors. On the one hand, they reduce procurement and stocking and on the other hand maintain low-level production, they have no intention of maintaining the previous expansion momentum. The entire tungsten market is currently in a relatively deserted state and is slowly falling, but some more sensitive news may bring some expectations to strategic metals.     At present, the market price of tungsten ore has returned to less than 110,000/ton. The price of some 55-degree black tungsten sands is 1.54 yuan/kg, which is less than 109,000/ton including tax. Other small transactions are also all Unsatisfactory, the overall trend is weaker and downward.     The current support of APT is also very weak. The fall in the price of some excipients makes the reason for APT to increase the processing fee with the help of the price of excipients insufficient. The reduction of downstream procurement and replenishment has made it difficult for manufacturers to support, and traders have properly shipped and suppressed market confidence. , The short-term price will continue to approach the 170,000/ton mark.     The powder market price also shows signs of loosening. Although some companies still maintain tungsten carbide quotations of more than 260 yuan/kg, the price of small orders has been difficult to maintain this psychological barrier. The absence of price increases for alloys has caused a certain psychological pressure on the powder market and purchases. The reduction is even worse.     The ferro-tungsten market basically remained stable. With the support of scrap prices, the price of 70 ferro-tungsten was basically stable at around 165,000/ton.     The overall export market continues to maintain stability, the demand for foreign procurement and replenishment is slowly released, and domestic export companies have tried their best to insist on quotations. The short-term export market APT is expected to continue to maintain around US$320/ton.     Comprehensive analysis, the just-concluded G20 summit seems to have some easing trends, and China and the United States are also strengthening communication and dialogue. The major issue of tariffs may usher in a turning point. In addition, major events at the door seem to have some actions. This month, the United States is shrinking. Debt is almost certain. If it really starts, the prices of capital markets, bulk commodities and tungsten products may fluctuate sharply, but this kind of news will affect the mentality more in the short term.

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