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The market is hot before cold and then cold

In the recent tungsten market, there has been obvious hot and cold before and after. Driven by APT, the price of tungsten raw materials has continued to push up. However, downstream processing enterprises of cemented carbide and tungsten products have been affected by power cuts, and the demand side is more The previous expectations were lighter.     The tungsten ore market is currently steadily improving slightly. Since the price increase is mainly driven by APT auxiliary materials, the electricity curtailment has no effect on the output of tungsten ore. Therefore, the momentum of tungsten ore pushing up is weak, and only a slight follow-up to the APT price increase promote. The current price of 55 degree black tungsten sand is 1.51 yuan/kg degree, and the price including tax is about 107,000/ton.     The APT market continued to rise under the stimulus of the second round of processing fee price increases. The market quotation has already reached a high price of 170,000/ton. According to the price of 107,000/ton, the APT market price has also reached about 167,000/ton, but this price level Powder companies are not active in receiving orders, but traders frequently inquire for purchases.     The powder market has followed up with price increases. At present, the main tungsten carbide quotations have reached around 255 yuan/kg, and the signed unit price has continued to rise, returning to above the 250 yuan/kg mark.     The cemented carbide market is currently differentiated. The large alloy factories in Zhuzhou have little impact on electricity restrictions, but some small and medium-sized enterprises are affected by restrictions. Alloy companies in Guangdong, Jiangsu, and Shandong have also encountered greater impact, and some alloy companies have already advanced Have a holiday.     In the tungsten product market, some companies are also affected by power rationing, and some processing companies even encounter power rationing, which seriously affects normal production. They have to choose to purchase semi-finished products to avoid the processing of electric furnaces.     Foreign buyers are also inexplicable about the current curtailment of power in the Chinese market. They feel good and suddenly toss, and they can only choose to cautiously wait and see to deal with it. In the short-term, foreign ferro tungsten prices have fallen under the impact of Russian ferro tungsten, and APT prices have basically remained stable.     The scrap market has slowly followed up recently, which has driven the demand for ferro-tungsten and sodium tungstate markets to a slight boost.     Based on comprehensive analysis, the current market confidence in the tungsten raw material end is strong under the strong drive of APT, and the quotation is also rapidly increasing, but the downstream demand end domestic and foreign purchases are very cautious. Except for the just need to receive orders, there are not many large-scale purchases. It is expected It is still necessary to see whether the policy changes after the holiday. If the dual control and power curtailment continue, the east wind is likely to overwhelm the west wind.

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