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Wait for the rabbit

Recently, orders from tungsten manufacturers are scarce, and some sales staff have responded that it is difficult to obtain orders after taking the initiative to attack. Coupled with the impact of the previous epidemic, they can only choose to wait for purchases to come to the door.     At present, the price of tungsten ore market is under pressure, and some mining companies continue to insist on quotation. However, traders who frequently inquire for shipments find that it is difficult to make a deal, and have to take the initiative to make the price for shipment. The company does not discuss the price situation. However, individual transaction prices are also declining, and market confidence is obviously weakening.     The APT market currently has very few loose orders except for long-term orders. Although manufacturers are still striving to maintain the price of 166,000/ton, the active price reduction of traders has been as low as about 163,000/ton. However, manufacturers and old customers There were still some price transactions in the form of compensation before, and the short-term market price gap widened.     The powder market still hasn't followed up with the quantity, and the market's sporadic purchase order prices are still falling. The price of individual tungsten carbide orders has been as low as about 250 yuan/kg, and the price of tungsten powder has also returned to about 255 yuan/kg.     The ferro-tungsten market barely remained stable, but the market transaction volume was obviously low, and individual companies reduced production in response to the decline in demand.     The scrap market is steadily weakening. As there is still demand for recycled materials in the low-end cemented carbide market, and the price difference is large, the previous orders for recycled materials are still relatively sufficient. Even if there are fewer short-term new orders, some scraps with reduced inventory Companies are not in a hurry to ship.     The export market continues to remain stable, and foreign buyers are still mainly waiting and watching, and there is no demand for large-scale replenishment to keep up in the short term.     Comprehensive analysis shows that the current demand for the tungsten market is very serious. Many customers have not received decent orders for a long time, and the entire industry chain is not smooth. Followed up, and it is expected that the deserted situation will continue in the coming week.

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