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Buy up, not buy down

The biggest problem in the current tungsten market is the shortage of demand. Some alloy companies can maintain their raw material inventory until the end of September or even October. In addition, there are also some alloy companies that should have replenished their purchases, but saw the weakening of raw material prices and back-end orders. Weakness, in the short term, we are delaying the procurement plan as much as possible.     At present, the tungsten ore market as a whole is steadily weakening. Although mining companies are still trying their best to insist on quotations, due to sluggish downstream demand, traders take the initiative to ship products, and prices are gradually showing signs of loosening.     The APT market is currently relatively chaotic. Although manufacturers are insisting on the price of 166,000/ton, traders who previously stockpiled at low prices found that it was difficult to transfer inventory and had to take the initiative to make shipments, but the reality is that even with low quotations It is also difficult to exchange for orders to follow up, and the short-term supply still exceeds demand.     The number of new orders in the powder market continues to shrink after price cuts. Most alloy companies are delaying procurement plans, causing serious problems at both ends of the supply and demand of powder companies, and they can only continue to be weak in the short term.     The scrap market is also somewhat loose at present. Due to the slight decline in raw material prices, some scrap hoarding companies have taken the initiative to ship goods, and the quotations have also been slightly adjusted.     Based on comprehensive analysis, the tungsten market's late price increase is too fast, which makes it difficult for the falsely high quotations to be recognized by downstream demand. At this time, all downstream purchases are adjusted cautiously and we hope to make replenishment plans after returning to rationality. The next one to two weeks It may continue to be deserted.

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