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Waiting for increment

At present, confidence in the tungsten raw material market is basically stable under the support of long-term order prices, and long-term unit prices can also guarantee the order demand of most manufacturers. However, bulk transactions other than long-term orders are still relatively small, and the market is still waiting for downstream consumer demand purchases. Or the demand for foreign purchases is heavy.     The current situation of tungsten ore reluctance to sell has improved. Suppliers have shipped appropriately to reduce inventory pressure, and downstream production companies have also dispersed procurement. The short-term 55-degree black tungsten sand maintains the price of 1.6 yuan/kg, and the transaction price including tax is 112,000/standard. Around tons.     APT market transactions are almost uniformly concentrated at 169,000 per ton. Individual stockholders appropriate shipments to reduce inventory pressure, and their expectations for the market outlook are no longer excessively high, and they have profited at the current price. Manufacturers appropriately take orders for APT while replenishing tungsten ore to maintain back-to-back operations.     At present, scattered transactions in the powder market are mostly around 255 yuan/kg. Tungsten carbide is unintentionally shipped at low prices, and it will take time for the high quotations to wait for the alloy companies to approve. The short-term market continues to wait and see.     The price of ferro-tungsten followed up. As the bidding price of a Northeast steel plant reached 168,000/ton, and the foreign price was close to US$40/kg of tungsten, the overall market price of ferro-tungsten rose to a new high.     The scrap market is basically stalemate and stable. Waste abrasives are gradually traded at a price range of 1.85-1.9 yuan/kg, and recycled tungsten carbide is quoted at 210 yuan/kg for a small amount of transactions.     The international market is optimistic. As domestic export prices have risen sharply, European spot prices have also followed up quickly. The European port APT price was traded at a price of US$315/ton, and the domestic price after deducting 5000 yuan/ton was equivalent to about 175,000/ton. .     Comprehensive analysis, the tungsten market is basically stable under the support of long-term order prices, but this stability is no longer as strong as when the raw materials were strongly pushed up before, and it needs to wait for the downstream alloy market to follow up purchases to truly stand, so the short-term market We still need to do our best to maintain stability and wait for demand to follow up.

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