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Unstable confidence

At present, confidence in the tungsten raw material market is divergent. Although the demand is weak and the purchase is cautious, and high prices are meaningless, there are still some hoarders who hope that the price of ore will continue to rise before shipping, while some companies with a large amount of stock are diversifying their shipments to reduce pressure , Keep the position and wait and see and wait for the long order price of No. 5 to be released.     At present, the price of tungsten ore maintains at 112,000/ton. The previous quotation of 115,000/ton has significantly shrunk. The highest price of excluding tax of sand is reported to be 1.65 yuan/kg, but there are a few transactions at 1.58-1.6 yuan/kg.     Some stockholders in the APT market appropriately lowered their quotations for shipments. Previously, they looked at prices higher than 170,000/ton. Now they are actively quoting at 168,000/ton. Due to the small volume of the bulk cargo market, the price is temporarily deadlocked and waiting for the 5th Long-term quotations are released.     The powder market resumed quotations after the quotation was stopped, but the price of tungsten carbide was mostly around 255-258 yuan/kg. Because alloy companies have little short-term stocking demand, the number of orders that really exceed 250 yuan/kg is very small.     The price of ferro tungsten is currently in a differentiated market where domestic demand is weak and the export market is picking up. The domestic transaction of 160,000/ton of 70 tungsten is not many, and some prices are even lower than 160,000/ton, but the export price of 80 tungsten is quoted. It has reached about 175,000/ton, and the export price has exceeded 39.5 US dollars/kg of tungsten.     The scrap market is currently shipping more intent, and the transaction price of abrasives is mostly within 1.9 yuan/kg. The quotations of recycled tungsten carbide have been raised significantly, with major manufacturers quoting 205-208 yuan/kg.     Based on comprehensive analysis, due to the postponement of the quotations of large Fujian enterprises at the beginning of the month, the focus of market attention is on the quotations of institutions on the 5th. The current market confidence is not stable.

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