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At this time, look high and not chase high

The current tungsten raw material market continues to look higher after reaching a psychological threshold. Some suppliers¡¯ quotations are the first to go. However, most manufacturers are cautious to wait and see and dare not chase higher. Both ends of the market are gradually entering a state of gaming. There is still room for upside, but worries are also increasing, and the risk of a market surge in the later period may exceed the income.     At present, the tungsten ore market price of rough sand is around 1.63 yuan/kg, and the actual signed price is mostly 1.6 yuan/kg. A small amount of 55-degree black tungsten is sold close to 113,000/ton, and the high-quality black tungsten quotation reaches 115,000/ton.     Most of the APT market quotations have exceeded 170,000/ton, reaching 172,000/ton, but the number of purchases by real manufacturers is not large. Most of them are based on just-needed orders. Trading companies still have a view that they continue to value 180,000/ton. , So short-term high prices may also appear trade hoarding orders.     Most of the powder companies are still cautiously waiting and not quoting. Some companies continue to make quotations in advance to around 260 yuan/kg. However, due to the difficulty of downstream alloy price increases, they are cautious in receiving orders for high-priced raw materials in the short term, so the upward resistance of the powder market is still relatively large.     The export market is currently basically at the same level as domestic prices. Although export companies continue to increase their export quotations, foreign customers have a long summer break to communicate, and they are still passively following up in the short term.     Comprehensive analysis shows that the current upward momentum in the tungsten market is still maintained, and there is also a certain amount of room for upward growth. However, the empty quotation makes it difficult for many manufacturers to accept, the game of supply and demand has intensified, and later market operations need to be cautious.

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