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APT market quotes continue to rise

Recently, the market price of tungsten raw materials has continued to rise, and the reluctance of tungsten ore sales has pushed up the mentality. The current tungsten ore suppliers have increased the shipment price of black tungsten above 55 degrees to 104,000/ton. Some 60 degree black tungsten is also difficult to purchase at the price of 105,000/ton. Some low-degree scheelite transactions are equivalent to the standard ton price. 10.2-10.3 million/ton. The high ore prices have caused suppliers in the APT market to be cautious in their shipments, and they are worried that shipments will not be able to make up for tungsten ore raw materials. The tight spot has caused scattered market prices to continue to rise to around 160,000/ton, and some suppliers continue to watch High 165,000/ton before considering shipment. The current transactions in the powder market are gradually catching up. Some buyers know that it may be higher prices in the future, and they have begun to add some just-needed tungsten carbide powder and cobalt powder. The rise in foreign markets has stimulated replenishment inquiries from foreign buyers, but it is difficult to quickly increase the volume during the summer break. It is expected that as the summer break gradually ends, the volume of foreign replenishment is expected to increase. Comprehensive analysis shows that the current raw material market still maintains a trend of shrinking volume and increasing prices. As the transaction volume is still low, a few sporadic transactions can stimulate other suppliers to see higher prices, as several large companies offer prices in the second half of this week. It has been introduced one after another, and gradually accepting price increases has become a consensus. Therefore, the recent APT price will continue to push up.

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