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Tungsten market analysis (5.26)-market mentality is divided

Yesterday, large enterprises in Guangdong announced their long-term acceptance prices in the second half of May, with 55 degree black tungsten 97,500/standard ton, 55 degree white tungsten 96,500/standard ton, tungsten ore price remained the same as last time, APT 147,500/ton, Compared with last time, the price is reduced by 500 yuan/ton, and the discounted price is slightly lower than 145,500/ton. However, the current market mentality has obvious differences between upstream and downstream. The upstream tungsten ore and APT suppliers are still strong, but the downstream demand is hesitant to wait and see, and it is difficult to support the market's high expectations in the short term. The tungsten ore market is still strong. The 60-degree black tungsten price is still at 96,000/ton. Some companies that do not ship with high prices are quoted at 97,000/ton, and there are also individual suppliers that ship at the current price. Shipping. The APT market is currently more divergent, and some suppliers are tight for bulk cargo, quoting about 147,000/ton, but some suppliers have no intention to stock up and continue to ship at a price of about 146,000/ton, while the long unit price is 145,500/ton. Tons of transactions at or even lower prices show that large companies are cautious about the market outlook. ¡¡¡¡ The powder market is still waiting and waiting, and terminal consumption has been slow to follow up. The new powder orders have not significantly increased. Some downstream companies have extended the procurement cycle. Whether the demand is released in the first half of next month will be very critical. ¡¡¡¡Comprehensive analysis shows that the current market is facing divergence in mentality. The upstream still hopes to reluctantly push up sales, while the downstream tends to believe that it is stable and weak, and has no intention of hoarding a large amount of goods. The APT market and the powder market still have previous orders to maintain production, and there is no rush to grab orders in the short term. However, the longer the delay, the greater the pressure. The market still needs the real consumer demand of the terminal to penetrate.

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