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Tungsten market analysis (5.18)-demand is still difficult to wait

At present, the upstream of the tungsten market continues to remain stable, the downstream demand is still poor, and the alloy terminal consumption remains stable, but most dealers have prepared in advance, so lack of a substantial increase in demand, they can only try to absorb inventory as much as possible. The production of alloy enterprises is at full capacity, and there is no new order and there is no rush to purchase powder stocks, and the powder companies are not eager to purchase APT in the same state, so the overall demand side is relatively weak, and there is no purchase volume to stimulate the raw material market. The tungsten ore market is still unilaterally strong. The 60-degree black tungsten price is still above 96,000/ton, and even individual suppliers are quoting 97,000/ton. Although most of the suppliers insist on quotation, but with the gradual increase in stock volume , Some companies are already a little worried, so the short-term tungsten ore market has to rely on volume to maintain. ”””” APT production companies mostly maintain orders before production and delivery. The short-term downstream demand situation is average, so the price is deadlocked at 146,000/ton. Supported by the ore price, production companies have no intention to reduce prices and can only wait and see and wait for the improvement of downstream demand. Powder companies continue to insist on stable quotations. Medium-particle tungsten powder is priced at 228-230 yuan/kg, and tungsten carbide powder is priced at 226-228 yuan/kg. The downstream purchase orders are still small and scattered, which is difficult to give powder companies a positive boost and can only continue in the short term. Wait and see to maintain stability. Most alloy companies maintain normal operations, but the lack of back-end consumer demand has caused most alloy companies to have no intention of rushing to stock up like in March. Even if there is demand, they will try to delay until the end of May. The orders will not be optimistic. Based on comprehensive analysis, the market in May turned from weak to stable under the strong support of large companies, but the fundamental reason for the weakness-demand has not substantially improved, and the long-term stalemate and reduced volatility have led to a weakening of the involvement of traders and lack of funds The lack of demand will cause the market to stabilize and weaken. This week's large corporate quotations may continue to support market confidence, but it still needs to be verified by real quantities.

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