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Be cautious about post-holiday callbacks

The current supply side of the tungsten market has begun to return to normal, but the new round of domestic purchase demand on the demand side has not kept up, and foreign epidemics have repeatedly blocked exports. Short-term market supply and demand imbalances may occur, and raw material prices have slightly consolidated, but the big non-ferrous metals have already Significantly rising, the market has maintained loose funds, so the market still has a chance to rise again after a periodical correction and consolidation. At present, the tungsten ore market is still steadily weakening. It is difficult to purchase 55 degree black tungsten below 95,500/ton. The price of non-tax gritty sand remains at 1.35 yuan/kg degree. Some 60 degree black tungsten still insists on quotation However, these prices have caused APT companies to fall into an upside-down position. Short-term purchases are difficult to accept. However, traders will not be far behind the current price after shipment and will not replenish in the short term, so there is still room for weakening of ore prices. The APT market price remained at 146,000-14.7 million/ton, and the transaction basically adjusted back to about 146,000/ton. Some trading companies reported low prices, but it was difficult for downstream powder companies to receive new orders, and there was no back-to-back demand in the short term. Some manufacturing companies that intend to purchase have postponed their plans until after the holiday, so the market trend in the week after the holiday will be very critical, and the quotations of large companies are expected to be in the range of 14.35 to 14.5. The performance of the powder market is still sluggish, and the periodic procurement cycle is still being postponed. If there is no quantitative support, the high quotations in the existing powder market are meaningless. With the weakening of raw material prices, powder companies will welcome them after the holiday. It is possible to lower the quotation. ”””” The export situation of the United States, Germany and Korea in the export market is fairly good, but European shipments need to be transited in India. The current impact of the epidemic has caused many export orders to be suspended or postponed, which has a significant impact on export volume. Comprehensive analysis, in addition to domestic consumption of tungsten, exports have always had a place. Although our country continues to replace imported alloy products, the amount of raw material exports is always the key balance point in our supply and demand relationship. Once the export is blocked, the raw materials are overstocked. Domestically, it will have a negative impact on the market. With the recovery of domestic raw material production in the near future, there will be an urgent need to divert the export market. If the domestic market and the export market are blocked at the same time, the price weakness is inevitable.

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