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Subtle signal

Recently, as tungsten raw materials are gradually approaching the ore price of 100,000/ton and the APT psychological barrier of 150,000/ton, some tungsten ore traders will properly ship to reduce inventory pressure, while APT companies are still affected by environmental protection and their output is limited, and short-term purchases are high. Tungsten ore also has resistance. In addition, the withdrawal of environmental protection inspectors in early May also brought some hidden worries to the market. After all, the previous short rise mainly relied on this news to speculate. At this time, a slight increase in the trading volume of the raw material market will help the market confirm the quotation. On the other hand, prices may consolidate and stabilize. In the tungsten ore market, mining companies have no intention to ship goods. Traders make appropriate shipments to reduce inventory pressure. At present, black tungsten above 60 degrees is still in short supply, and the quotation is still 98,000/ton, and the price of some 50 degrees black tungsten can reach 97,000. /Ton, the price of 55 degree sand excluding tax is 1.38 yuan/kg. In addition to the long-term orders in the APT market, some sporadic transactions have gradually appeared in the bulk order market, concentrated at the price of 147-148 thousand/ton. With the increase in upstream tungsten ore transactions, the short-term push of APT will slow down. The short-term transaction price is expected. The consolidation will be stabilized, and further adjustments will be made according to the tungsten ore market trend in the later period. Orders in the powder market are still being followed up slowly. Large alloy companies have already stocked up in advance, and small and medium-sized enterprises have appropriately replenished their inventory. The short-term market is not willing to catch up. It is expected that there will be quotations at the current price. Happening. Based on comprehensive analysis, the tungsten raw material market has gradually entered a critical period. On the one hand, the market mentality is prone to wait and see waiting near the end of the month. On the other hand, environmental protection inspectors will withdraw after May Day, which brings some concerns to the upstream market. Tungsten ore traders have not done so before. A large number of stocks are stockpiled, so short-term shipments will not be particularly large, but the previous mentality of blindly looking at more than 100,000/ton will have some impact. The short-term market will still be stalemate to maintain stability.

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