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Inflation is coming

Although the Federal Reserve Chairman stated on Wednesday night that he would not raise interest rates before the end of 2022, he expressed a signal that QE may be reduced, bringing a bit of chill to the capital market. However, as the United States, Europe and Japan have adopted economic stimulus plans for more than a year, the currency oversupply in the global market has become more and more serious. Most of the stock markets in developed countries except China have reached new highs. The price of a new asset such as Bitcoin It has also set new highs repeatedly. Oil prices have rebounded sharply under the expected economic recovery, and commodities such as iron ore and steel have continued to rise under the concept of carbon neutrality. A big inflation seems inevitable. Although the tungsten industry is small, But in this currency tide, it can only follow the trend. Coupled with the impact of environmental protection inspections, the fluctuation of the short-term tungsten market price has increased significantly. At present, the tungsten ore market is becoming stronger and stronger. The supply of tungsten ore has not shrunk significantly. However, mining companies are reluctant to sell and traders push up the price, which makes the price continue to rise. 55-60 degrees scheelite needs 96,000/ton to buy, 60 degrees. The quotation of black tungsten even reached 98,000/ton, and the market volume has fallen into a trough, but the price seems to be getting closer and closer to the psychological threshold of 100,000/ton. ¡¡¡¡ APT market is still difficult to quote in the short-term. On the one hand, due to the rapid increase of mine prices, on the other hand, environmental protection inspectors restrict production. Some companies worry that the supply is difficult to guarantee and cannot quote. According to the conversion of 96,000/ton tungsten ore price, the APT price should be around 146,000/ton, which is also consistent with the price of individual manufacturers taking care of old customers, but most traders have already quoted in advance to 1477-14.8 million/ton. The quotations of powder companies have widened. The medium-particle tungsten carbide quotations have appeared from 222-232 yuan/kg. The tungsten carbide signing price at the beginning of this week was still hovering at 218 yuan/kg. The sudden price increase made downstream purchases fall into the wait and see. , According to the APT of 146,000/ton, it should be 222 yuan/kg, and the quotation of 232 yuan/kg has reached the APT price of 153,000/ton, which is far from the current actual situation. Comprehensive analysis, the continuous push up of the tungsten raw material market is setting off a wave of bubbles, which is affected by the sudden factors of environmental protection inspections. The greater support is that inflationary pressure is being transmitted to various industries, and price increases have become a general trend, but the increase will vary. The tungsten market¡¯s previous gains have been weak due to the financial situation of various industries. Recently, with the large non-ferrous metal fluctuating at a high level, some funds have been transferred to the tungsten industry to start making waves. The price of tungsten raw materials will continue to rise in the short-term, but the real downstream purchases Demand release is still slow, and the wait-and-see state may even extend to the May 1st holiday.

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