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The hype is getting stronger

There are not many bright spots in the recent tungsten market analysis from the perspective of supply and demand. From the perspective of confidence, it is only optimistic about future economic expectations. However, it happened that Jiangxi environmental protection inspectors were tightened, which caused the upstream tungsten mine and APT market to enter a state of empty growth, and the quotation was out of transaction. It is easier to report higher and higher, and report faster, and the meaning of hype is getting stronger and stronger. At present, the tungsten ore market is still driven by reluctance to sell. The price of concentrate has reached 96,000/ton, the transaction of 55 degree wolframite has also reached 94,000/ton, and the price of individual black tungsten sand excluding tax has reached 1.33 yuan/kg. Above, the transaction of low-grade molybdenum-containing scheelite in Henan also reached a relatively high level of 1,480 yuan/ton. The APT market is currently the most severely affected by the news of environmental protection inspections. Most manufacturers do not make quotations to avoid sudden inspections and stop production. In addition, production companies have also reduced production to varying degrees, and companies and traders with spot inventories have increased their quotations. To over 145,000/ton, although it is difficult to obtain customer purchase approval in the short term, the powder companies have to accept it in the later stage. The powder market is currently facing serious squeezing. It is difficult for the tungsten carbide signing price to exceed 220 yuan/kg. It is difficult to operate back-to-back if the APT price is 145,000/ton. Therefore, short-term powder companies will either follow APT and choose not to quote. , Or you can only increase the price by 2-3 yuan/kg to reduce cost pressure. The current pressure on the alloy market has eased slightly. The previous price weakness once forced alloy companies to abandon price increases. However, as the price rebounded, alloy companies regained their confidence. The short-term market is optimistic about the increase in raw material prices. Once the price of tungsten carbide rises to 225 yuan/ Around kilograms, alloy companies are expected to stock up again. Based on comprehensive analysis, the short-term tungsten raw material market bottomed out under favorable stimulus, and with the help of environmental inspections, the hype momentum became stronger. In addition, tungsten ore traders did not wait for the low price of 90,000/ton after shipments of around 96,000/ton. It rebounded at 92,000/ton, so many traders don¡¯t have much inventory, so they hope that the price will rise higher and make more money. Therefore, considering all factors, the market speculation is getting stronger and stronger, and the risks are also increasing. Come higher.

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