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Start a new cycle?

The last round of tungsten market started in November and peaked and fell back at the beginning of March. At the end of March, it basically consolidated and solidified to the bottom. As the upstream raw materials became strong again, the price increase of back-end alloys was partially completed. The market in early April appeared to be new. A wave of upstream starts. As the quotations of large companies and institutions continue to determine the tone of the upward adjustment, the tungsten market is ushering in the beginning of the second quarter. At present, the tungsten ore market continues to remain strong. The price of first-grade black tungsten concentrate has reached 95,000/ton, and the price of 55-degree black tungsten standard ore has reached 93,000/ton. Since most of the new mines have completed transactions, the funding pressure of mining companies has eased in a short time. Started to adopt the sales reluctance strategy to push the market upward again. The supply of the APT market is slightly affected by the impact of environmental inspections, but more importantly, it is expected to be pushed up by the price of ore. Although the lower limit of the long-term order price of large companies has a certain effect on maintaining stability and control, the bullish momentum of the APT market has formed and is expected to maintain in the short term Push up the state slowly. ¡¡¡¡ The powder market is still dominated by stability. The major companies¡¯ quotations have maintained their previous prices and strive to obtain more replenishment orders. Since the alloy companies had stocked up until May, it is expected that the next round of procurement and stocking cycle will be entered in mid-to-late April. Comprehensive analysis shows that the current market¡¯s signal from weak to strong has been formed, and the previous round of price increases has also achieved the entire industry chain. However, there is not much room for this round of callbacks. The market seems to have reached a new level. The next round of price increases. The market is expected to achieve a phased breakthrough.

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