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Market consolidation stabilizes

The one-month weak callback finally showed signs of easing. The tungsten ore market began to support market confidence through reluctance to sell, and the APT market did not intend to ship at low prices to avoid falling into an upside down. Orders in the powder market still cannot follow up, but as long as it is stable, there will be Opportunities usher in new demands to follow up. At present, the tungsten ore market has eased slightly, and some mining companies have begun to support market confidence through reluctance to sell. The current price of 55 degree wolframite can be maintained at 91,000 to 92,000 per ton, and the transaction of individual tungsten ore above 60 degrees has even returned to 93,000 per ton. The confidence of tungsten miners to insist on quotation is getting stronger. Although the APT market is still weak, low-priced tungsten ore is difficult to purchase, and APT manufacturers have no intention of lowering prices. At present, the main APT manufacturers offer prices at 1.4-141,000/ton, and have no intention to ship less than 140,000/ton. Part of the trade is in the early stage. After the low-price shipments, the merchants have started to cover their positions in the near future, and the price is expected to take a breather at the 140,000/ton mark. ”””” The new orders in the powder market have not kept up. The previous decline in the raw material market has made customers hesitant to purchase. However, as the price of raw materials begins to stabilize, it is expected that the powder companies' quotations are expected to usher in new demand after a period of time. Comprehensive analysis, the core leader of the tungsten market looks at tungsten ore. As long as tungsten ore starts to persist, the market will have a chance to stabilize. It will take some time for downstream procurement requirements to follow up. Therefore, the next two weeks are still very critical. The lack of transaction volume can only rely on confidence. Try to maintain.

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