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Hot money will bring a new wave of inflation

The recent global capital market has ushered in a new wave of growth. Influenced by factors such as the US government¡¯s release of 1.9 trillion yuan in economic assistance, Europe will also accelerate the speed of debt purchases, global capital has once again poured into risk-appetite assets, and the price of Bitcoin has risen again. U.S. stocks are reaching new highs and U.S. stocks are also refreshing historical highs. Large non-ferrous products have rebounded strongly. Because of the rescue funds released by the United States, some people will invest in the stock market. In addition, massive liquidity will soon flow through various channels to the market with guaranteed income. At present, the relatively safest and fastest-growing market has attracted much attention. Hot money is expected to flow in around the end of March. As the property market is basically restricted by policies, speculative markets such as China¡¯s stock market and futures will usher in significant growth by then. Big non-ferrous futures and the spot market are likely to reflect each other, and prices continue to hit new highs. If there is a large inflow of hot money, as the tungsten market, there will be no lack of attention. Some listed companies have performed well and will lead some off-market funds to enter the market to stock up. Although the short-term tungsten raw material market seems to be consolidating at a high level, and even appear The weak market pulls back, but once capital flows into the raw material market to lock some of the raw material flow, and downstream domestic consumer demand and foreign restocking demand are released in turn or even superimposed, it will bring a substantial leap forward to the tungsten raw material market. It is expected that the current tungsten ore market is still expected to be adjusted in the range of 9-95,000/ton, APT may also stabilize to about 140,000/ton, powder will continue to be quoted at 220 yuan/kg, and some transactions may be adjusted back to 215 yuan/kg. Nearby, but with a large number of transactions during the Ganzhou meeting, the market is expected to accelerate the bottoming. Later, new development opportunities will be ushered in the release of domestic back-end procurement demand and the release of foreign replenishment demand, which will be pushed up by inflation factors. The market price is expected to break the previous ceiling constraints and achieve new breakthroughs.

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