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Market inventory pressure eased slightly

The tungsten raw material market transactions in the past two weeks have significantly increased compared with the first week after the Spring Festival. Tungsten ore traders appropriately shipped to reduce inventory pressure, and some APT traders also followed up shipments. Although the short-term market confidence fluctuates slightly, inventory pressure The reduction is conducive to the rational operation of the market, and avoids blindly looking at the heights and covering the goods without causing inventory risks to increase. The main transactions in the tungsten ore market are currently concentrated at around 95,000/ton. The recent transaction price of several hundred tons of 60-degree scheelite is mostly around 94,500 per ton. The recent transaction price of 55-degree black tungsten is around 95,000/ton, and the recent transaction price of 60-degree black tungsten is around 95,000/ton. The recent transaction price is around 95,500/ton. As traders¡¯ shipments decrease, market confidence has gradually returned to stability. APT transactions have also increased, with market quotations concentrated at around 145,000/ton, and some transaction prices are mainly at 145,000/ton, and a small amount of shipments has been squeezed at 144,000/ton. However, as the tungsten ore market stabilizes, the export market continues Optimism is improving, and the APT market is expected to remain positive and optimistic. The powder market is temporarily stable. Due to the slow follow-up of terminal demand, the order situation of powder companies has not improved significantly. The quotation of tungsten carbide powder can only be maintained at about 222 yuan/kg. The order price is slowly increasing with a small number of orders. The transaction price of tungsten powder reached about 218-220 yuan/kg. Comprehensive analysis shows that the tungsten raw material market has experienced short-term psychological fluctuations. With the support of the long-term price, market confidence has stabilized again. The market is expected to be 95,000/ton tungsten ore, 145,000 APT/ton and tungsten carbide powder. Consolidation and stability at 220 yuan/kg, the new trend can only be clarified after the volume of transactions during the Ganzhou meeting.

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