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Increasingly more transactions in the raw material market

The recent changes in the international market. Although the Federal Reserve has just made a reassurance to the market, the yield of long-term U.S. Treasury bonds has risen sharply before the voice is heard. This has directly brought down the U.S. stock market and some futures market products, and even made Dr. Copper¡¯s bull head. It has also reversed some. Affected by the expected increase in risks in the general environment, some stockholders in the tungsten market also appropriately ship to reduce risks. As the short-term market is short of demand, even if the shipment is shipped, the price is relatively high. At present, there are relatively few transactions in the tungsten ore market, but some 60-degree black tungsten has a transaction of 95,000/ton, 60-degree scheelite has a transaction of 94,500/ton, and more than 100 tons are signed, and some 50-degree black tungsten also has 1.33 yuan/kg. The price of high-end transactions, the overall market is still in a state of in short supply and continue to push up. ¡¡¡¡ APT market is also stimulated by individual transactions, prices continue to rise. The market broke out with a small number of transactions ranging from 147 to 148 thousand per ton, as well as multiple transactions of 145 thousand per ton. This website has learned that there are also 144,500 per ton. There is still a big gap between the sharp increase in APT quotations and actual transactions. Suppliers are very positive looking at the 150,000/ton. ¡¡¡¡ The powder market is relatively weak. The upstream raw materials are advancing too fast, and the downstream procurement is insufficient. Fortunately, the pre-holiday orders are good enough to last for about a month. With the alloy price increase again in March, it is expected that the powder market price is expected to continue to rise. Comprehensive analysis shows that the market is often in short supply before and after the Spring Festival, resulting in scarce short-term transactions and rapid quotations. As some suppliers start to produce and ship in March, some traders who stocked too much in the early stage will have appropriate shipments, and now they are very colorful. The environment is also uncomfortable at some heights. If there is a sharp correction, it will also stimulate some companies that were originally optimistic to take the initiative to ship. In addition, the Ganzhou meeting of this website is scheduled for March 18th. A large number of customers will ship together at each meeting. Therefore, it is recommended that suppliers reduce their inventory to participate in the meeting.

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