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Tentative rise, cautious

The recent tungsten market quotations have gradually increased. The price of tungsten ore is approaching 85,000/ton, and APT is also tentatively approaching the 130,000/ton mark. The powder market quotations have already moved closer to 200 yuan/kg, but the upward price has not yet received demand. Support, market participants are still worried about whether "prices but no market" can last. At present, most of the transactions in the 55-degree black tungsten market in the tungsten ore market are 84,000/ton, and some high-value suppliers hope to exceed 85,000/ton, but there are also hoarders who have moderate transactions to reduce inventory pressure. The short-term market upward is relatively stable, and the rate is increased. Relatively small. ¡¡¡¡ The recent performance of the APT market is relatively optimistic. As the price of tungsten ore continues to rise, the price of APT has risen, and it has gradually moved closer to 128,000/ton. ¡¡¡¡Powder companies strive to increase their quotations. Some manufacturers¡¯ quotations have risen to 200 yuan/kg, but it is still difficult for end customers to accept the price. Medium-grain tungsten carbide of 195-196 yuan/kg is difficult to break through. Comprehensive analysis shows that the overall tungsten market is currently stable and improving, but the upward momentum is still at a stage where confidence is pushed up and terminal consumer demand is slow to follow. If the short-term market continues to approach the 85,000 ore price and 130,000 APT mark, it may be possible There is a situation in which stockholders have moderately reduced their inventory, so the later trend still needs to be cautious.

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