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Weak demand is a big problem

The current tungsten market is a bit hot. The tungsten ore market continues to be reluctant to sell, and some of the quotations are seriously high. However, the back-end demand situation is gradually deserted. The lack of order support can only try to maintain it, but the demand is too poor for a long time. It is prone to problems, especially if some of the hot money that has rushed into the market cannot see the opportunity to make money, it is likely to retreat.

”””” At present, the tungsten ore market continues to be strong. The price of 55 degree black tungsten is 1.17 yuan/kg degree, and the 60 degree black tungsten insists on quotation 1.18 yuan/kg degree. The transaction volume is still small, and most traders are not eager to make a move.

The APT market is divergent. Some companies still offer 127,000/ton, but the market has been stuck at around 125,000/ton for a long time. Some companies and traders who cannot bear it are considering shipping at around 125,000/ton. .

””””The powder market mainly still has weak demand. After short-term overdraft demand, it quickly enters a deserted period. Powder companies have insufficient follow-up orders for replenishment and can only rely on a small amount of just-needed purchases to maintain. At present, the price of tungsten powder is more than 195 yuan/kg, and the price of tungsten carbide is also more than 124,000/ton, but the signing price has been somewhat difficult to support.

Comprehensive analysis, under the background of the overall oversupply of the tungsten market, it is becoming more and more difficult to raise the price solely relying on the support of the reluctance of tungsten ore sales. Prices can only continue to increase under the false illusion of the situation, but as traders began to sell goods in September, and they sold more and more, the real situation of oversupply in the market has completely appeared. Now the back-end demand side is very cautious. When the consumer side is not favorable, it is difficult to bring enough support to the market. The short-term market can only maintain a stalemate.

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