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Once again the market is "overhit"

The recent bottoming out of the tungsten market has been slightly active, mainly relying on the tungsten ore market to carry the 80,000/ton mark, and subsequent orders for replenishing safety stocks are also released, injecting confidence into the market. However, the market has turned from a pessimistic decline to a bullish sale. The price increase appeared early in mid-November. It seemed a bit too hasty. If the price increase in early December can be combined with the stocking before the Spring Festival, it will last longer. The price is a bit similar to the advance price increase in July. There will be some overdraft demand too early, and it will become weak later.

At present, the tungsten ore market is still adopting the strategy of reluctance to sell. The price of 55 degree black tungsten is 1.17 yuan/kg, and the standard ore price is also reported to 82,000/ton. However, it is difficult for the back-end APT companies to accept this price, so the market can only stand at this price. Around, some old customer relationships can still be traded at 81,500/ton.

The APT market quotation pushed up too fast. When the price of 12.3-123.5 million/ton was slightly transacted, the price was quickly increased to 12.4-124.5 million/ton, and then the price was raised to 1255-12.6 million/ton, because the powder market did not get much For price increase orders, it is still difficult to accept APT prices exceeding 125,000/ton.

Although there are some replenishment orders in the powder market, there are not many real large orders, and the release of orders has not yet arrived at the right time. Therefore, the current powder market is relatively embarrassing, and the price of medium particles can only be maintained at 190-191 yuan/kg. It is difficult to raise prices in the short term.

According to a comprehensive analysis, some market participants at the beginning of the month saw the low mine price drop below 80,000 and APT to 120,000, but the intervention of mining companies and hot money successfully maintained the psychological barrier of 80,000, but the real back-end demand could not be followed up in time, even At the end of the year, many companies have no intention to stock up in November, and even if there is demand, they will have to push it to mid-December. At this time, the price support lacks transaction support and can only rely on the confidence released by the front-end to maintain it in the short term.

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