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The price is meaningless, the market decides

Recently, the long unit prices announced by large companies have noticed a significant correction, which has given the market a clear signal. Under the current market situation, the price is meaningless, and it still depends on the real demand. Based on the current consumer demand, except for some large enterprises, the orders of many small and medium-sized enterprises have been significantly reduced. The production of upstream tungsten raw materials has not been significantly reduced. After the export of raw materials is blocked, the backlog of raw materials in the country has caused raw material inventory supply Oversupply and oversupply for a long period of time have suppressed market confidence, directly causing the current situation of continued price weakness to be difficult to change.

The current tungsten ore market is seriously divided. Some mining companies consider cost support and hope to sell support at prices above 80,000/ton. However, some tungsten ore suppliers consider that the overall demand is insufficient and can act early to avoid the risk of overstocking and not being sold. After some traders sold goods in early September, they waited for the opportunity to replenish their positions. However, the price was not stable and could only wait and see with the currency. Therefore, the chaotic mentality made it difficult for tungsten mines to provide stable support. The current 55-degree black tungsten market price remains at 8.1 -82,000/ton.

The APT market was disrupted by the long unit price. I expected tungsten ore to stabilize and support from large companies to maintain the 125,000/ton mark. However, with the introduction of the long unit price of 124,500/ton, the bulk cargo transaction on the market increased rapidly to 124,500/ton. , Even the price of 124,000/ton was reported, making market confidence even more depressed, and short-term prices difficult to stabilize.

The powder market¡¯s current order support is weak. Although large companies are still quoting at around 195-196 yuan/kg based on the purchase price of raw materials, there is a trend for bulk orders in the market to cut prices and grab orders. Some medium-sized tungsten carbide quotes are priced at 190 yuan/kg. The emergence of kilograms has brought greater pressure to the market. In the short term, this psychological barrier has been lost, and the subsequent price is likely to move closer to the 185 yuan/kg barrier.

Comprehensive analysis shows that the market price of tungsten raw materials continues to maintain a weak adjustment state. The 125,000/ton APT barrier has been broken. The market focus will focus on whether the 80,000/ton ore price can be maintained. The current long-term orders issued by large companies are not Positive, the situation of market consumer demand is not ideal, and funding is not very loose, so it is expected that the short-term market will continue to maintain a slight downward trend.

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