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Analysis of Tungsten Market (9.7)-Ganzhou meeting "open and fall"?

Today is the day to register for the Ganzhou Conference. With the rapid increase in the raw material market, market participants are more enthusiastic about participating in the conference. The conference attracted more than 200 participants from more than ten provinces and cities to register. The tungsten market in China has risen too fast, causing some old friends who participated in the conference to joke. The meeting in Ganzhou has been falling all the time. Will it also fall this time?

This year¡¯s epidemic has affected the tungsten market price after the Spring Festival. According to the traditional Ganzhou meeting time, holding in spring will inevitably be affected by the epidemic and cause the curse to reappear. However, the meeting is postponed to September. Although the timing is not selectable, But once again we are on the cusp of fluctuations in the tungsten market.

Then we analyze the reasons and conditions for the current price increase to see if there is a risk of falling again.

First, the economy suffered a sharp decline in the spring due to the epidemic, but now it has bottomed out and the economic development situation is good;
Second, in order to promote economic development, market funds are relatively loose, bank loan interest rates in many places have been lower than 4%, and corporate financing channels are unblocked;
Third, tungsten ore is the leader in price increases. Now one is not short of money, two has not yet reached the time to repay the loan, and three are reluctant to sell and push up, so the price of ore will hardly fall without loosening;
Fourth, many people think that China Molybdenum's inventory has to be dumped. The current supply is obviously tightening. Once the goods are sold out, the price will definitely fall. Are companies only willing to reduce prices? Moreover, the financing environment is so favorable that it can't be used for financing, so why not please.
Fifth, it is currently at a critical time when the export market has increased inquiries and domestic cemented carbide companies are considering a new round of procurement. The steady upward trend will make companies wait and see in the short term, but once they continue to rise, they will certainly stimulate some demand release. So the price increase should not be the end so far.

Comprehensive analysis, as long as the tungsten ore does not loosen, as long as the APT inventory is not thrown away, only traders' inventory can be affected in the short term. However, large companies will definitely consider purchasing some after a long-term quotation, so the excess amount will not be large and will not cause panic Sexual flight, so this meeting can relax, even if there are fluctuations, it should be a small batch of small-scale impact.

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