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Tungsten ore pushes up the overall market price

This website made a comparative analysis on the upward trend of the tungsten raw material market last Monday, and proposed whether tungsten ore promoted the price increase or the sluggish alloy demand suppressed the purchase. After a week of gaming, it can be seen that the tungsten ore market has won!

At present, due to the continued positive signals from large enterprises purchasing in the market, and the price increase in the APT market has poured a certain space, the price of wolfram concentrate has followed up quickly. The current transaction has reached 86,000/ton, and some APT companies purchased 84,000/ton. The tungsten medium ore in China has become more difficult and has to accept the price of 60 degrees 85,000/ton.

The price of tungsten ore pushed up rapidly, and the APT market upside down did not improve. Although the price was increased to 130,000/ton, the market recognition was still limited. Short-term transactions gradually increased from 127,500/ton. Near the end of the month and the beginning of the month, the market price gradually increased. 129,000 / ton closer.

The powder market has followed up to make up for the increase. At present, the price of tungsten powder has exceeded the 200 yuan/kg mark, and tungsten carbide powder has gradually increased to about 199 yuan/kg. Although the transactions are still within 200 yuan/kg, the trend has taken shape. In early September The powder transaction may stand at 200 yuan/kg.

The recent ferro-tungsten market is relatively quiet. Due to the obvious hindrance of the development of the high-speed steel industry and the serious inventory backlog of some manufacturers, the demand for ferro-tungsten has fallen sharply compared with the first half of the year. The early price of ferro-tungsten exceeded the APT price by nearly 20,000/ton, but the recent APT The price has gradually moved closer to the price of ferro-tungsten.

In the export market, with the increase in inquiries and the rapid increase in the domestic raw material market, the quotations have also increased significantly. The export APT quotation is 220 US dollars per ton, and the powder quotation is 30.5 US dollars per kilogram. Although foreign inquiries are converted into actual orders. Not much, but the high expectations for foreign purchases are still relatively strong.

Comprehensive analysis, although the quality of the traditional gold nine silver ten is still not visible, but the optimistic expectation of market confidence has been formed, tungsten ore continues to gradually increase prices driven by the purchase of large enterprises, and the APT and powder market will passively follow up until the alloy market Until the final approval, but as the resistance formed by the psychological barrier increases, it is still difficult to decide whether the late rise will slow down or continue to be crazy.

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