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Can the number of foreign inquiries increase?

Near the end of August and early September, although the traditional "golden nine silver ten" seems to be difficult to achieve, after all, there will still be a tentative inquiry form at the end of the summer break abroad. The situation seems to be improving recently, but whether the inquiry form can be transformed into actual transaction support There is still a gap.

At present, domestic tungsten ore continues to be strong. The price of black tungsten ore above 60 degrees is 1.2 yuan/kg, and the tax discount is about 84,500/ton. Due to the large enterprises in the market inquiring to purchase 65 degrees tungsten ore 85,000/ton, positive signals are released. Most tungsten ore supplier companies are firm in their high outlook, and their short-term shipment intentions are not strong. Tungsten ore is still the main force boosting the market upward.

The APT market passively followed up slightly. At present, the major APT companies¡¯ quotations have been maintained at 128,000/ton, but the actual transactions are still concentrated at 127-1275/ton. The back-end powder companies¡¯ order status is not satisfactory. Except for just-needed purchases, most Enterprises do not intend to purchase large quantities of stocks.

The powder market is also following up the price increase, but the actual transaction is difficult to go up. Small orders within 5 tons have gradually become the mainstream, and the price has slowly increased from 193 yuan/kg to 195 yuan/kg. Some companies directly quoted 197 according to the purchase APT discount. -199 yuan/kg, but it is expected to take a long time to be recognized.

The alloy market remains stable in the short-term, and some companies can only grab stock orders by cutting prices. The number of new orders in the market is limited. This year, the demand for infrastructure tools such as CNC tools, bars, mining tools, and shield tools is relatively good. Alloy products such as hammers, hard facing materials, and petroleum tools are relatively sluggish.

Recently, foreign customers have gradually ended the summer break. Although they are still affected by the epidemic and have not improved, the number of tentative inquiries has begun to increase. The export APT price is more than US$215/ton, but most of the customer purchases are lowered at around US$210/ton, and the price difference is still relatively large Large, order negotiation is more difficult.

Comprehensive analysis, the traditional market has a tendency to change at the end of August and early September, but it is difficult to produce centralized procurement this year due to the epidemic. However, the short-term purchases of large enterprises will release supporting signals. If the conversion rate of foreign customers' inquiries is high enough, they can digest part of the domestic inventory. Pressure, this change may actually land, and the pressure of this round of price increases will be transferred to foreign customers.

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