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The market is temporarily waiting for institutional quotations

At present, the tungsten market is generally stable. The front-end tungsten ore insists on high quotations. APT production companies are seriously inverted. Traders have increased tentative shipments. Back-end powder companies have insufficient orders and encountered low-price purchases. Fortunately, some large companies have raised their APT quotations by 500 in advance. Yuan/ton, which supports the weak market confidence, and other institutions¡¯ quotations are expected to follow up appropriately. Adhering to the price of 126,000/ton will help maintain the market¡¯s wait-and-see mentality at the end of August and early September.

At present, tungsten mining companies are not actively shipping, but traders who have been under pressure for a long time are a little anxious. The standard ore price of 83,000/ton is difficult to satisfy traders. Some suppliers offer 1.19-1.2 yuan/kg, 60 The quotation of black tungsten above ¡æ exceeds 84,000/ton, but APT companies can only accept the price of 1.18 yuan/kg for rough sand, and the price of black tungsten standard ore of more than 50% is still at 83,000/ton.

APT market confidence recently fluctuated in the range of 126,000-12.7 million/ton. At the beginning of the month, it was still at the upper limit. In the middle of the month, it was concentrated at 126,500/ton. Recently, there has been a slight trend toward the lower limit. However, as large companies¡¯ quotations persisted at 126,000/ton, The market confidence has a slightly middle trend from the lower limit, but overall it is still within a narrow range of 126,000-127,000/ton.

The powder market is clearly differentiated. Companies that have received more orders temporarily insist on quoting more than 195 yuan/kg, but companies that have not taken the initiative to reduce prices and grab orders are facing greater pressure recently. Due to insufficient demand from back-end alloy companies, the price of tungsten carbide powder is suppressed Unwilling to increase, the short-term transaction price is still around 192 yuan/kg, and there is still a certain gap from the quotation.

¡¡¡¡ The short-term export market is still not improving, especially the raw materials and products exported to the US market have been in a mess. The Japanese and South Korean markets have recently rebounded from the epidemic and there are signs of shrinking. The short-term export market is still difficult to bottom out.

Comprehensive analysis shows that the current overall tungsten market is dominated by stalemate. The upstream tungsten ore push up and downstream alloy price reduction have already appeared in the APT and powder markets. The short-term price is unlikely to improve. The trends of traders that have been concerned before will be very critical. The quotations of big companies are released one after another, and traders will choose to stay.

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