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News of China Tungsten

At the beginning of the week, the domestic tungsten price remained stable and the wait-and-see market was relatively calm. The market news was relatively calm. Traders had divergent views on the outlook, and the operating mentality was still conservative. In the tungsten concentrate market, the production cost of the mine is strongly supported, and the enthusiasm of the merchants to start construction after the previous profits have been squeezed is reduced. At present, the on-site resources are not loose. Hard to find.

In the APT market, smelting companies pay attention to pressures such as cost, demand and capital, and purchase and sales operations are more cautious. To balance the pressure on the raw material side, the factory's psychological price is generally above 125,000 yuan / ton, but the actual order volume is limited. In the tungsten powder market, downstream alloy and product companies have limited enthusiasm for inquiries, and downstream demand, especially in the export market, is still affected by the epidemic. Geographical risks and logistics and transportation control affect the enthusiasm of terminal consumption. Short-term costs support stable enterprise offers and tungsten powder prices The stalemate is at the level of 195 yuan / kg, but the industry's confidence in the market outlook is not positive, and the wait-and-see operation is mainly based.

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