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Tungsten Market Analysis 3-17: Downstream Prices of Tungsten Raw Materials

This week, the price of tungsten continued to fall. Because the price fell too quickly, the buyer would not accept the order at all, which caused a vicious circle and the market's low prices came out frequently. Large tungsten companies have reduced their purchases, and small companies will not enter the market. Irrational selling has caused some market confusion.

At present, the market price of the black tungsten concentrate at 55 degrees is about 86,000 yuan / ton. Due to the global epidemic situation, most people are not optimistic about the late market and the demand is difficult to recover in a short period of time. Many people are selling tungsten ore at a price. With the increase of mine re-production and pessimism about the market outlook, the recent operation of manufacturers to clear their warehouses to avoid risks will continue.
APT prices also continued to decline, and this decline did not have a clear range, because the bulk market was basically not traded, and some smelters offered 138,000 yuan / ton, but basically no one took orders, and some smelters did not offer. Because there will be no manufacturers to take orders, downstream downstream manufacturers are always cautious, and the attitude of buying up or not buying is very heavy. Today, the long-term price of Fujian tungsten enterprises is 138,000 yuan / ton, and the downward trend in market prices is obvious.
There is basically no market for tungsten powder. The price follows the APT price. Because there are fewer orders, the external offer is not significant. The reference price of medium-grain tungsten carbide is 214-216 yuan / kg, and the price of medium-grain tungsten powder is 217-219 yuan. kg. In the short-term, supply and demand are mixed, and price maintenance is difficult.

Recently, the export prices of ferro-tungsten and APT have declined, mainly due to the risk of avoiding future market uncertainties to a certain extent, thereby reducing unnecessary inventory, especially in Japan, South Korea and the recent outbreak of epidemics. Europe. In addition, as the price of tungsten-related products in China has fallen, export prices have also been reduced.

In summary, the global panic continues, and the outbreak of European and American epidemics casts a shadow over the future global economy. Pessimists believe that the global economy is about to decline. At present, the outbreak of the epidemic has brought huge uncertainty to domestic and exports. Pessimistic expectations coupled with a worrying mentality have led many manufacturers to hedge their shipments, and the market has become cheaper. At this time, the buyers mostly wait and see. This will continue in the short term.

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