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The short-term tungsten market is rising, and the long-term prospects are mixed.

Since the National Day holiday, the tungsten market has remained firm in the guidance price of institutions and large enterprises. The psychological price of the raw material tungsten ore has been continuously improved, and the basic escape of cost is constrained. Therefore, the raw material spot intention is in a certain profit space. There has been an increase, but at present, the high turnover is still not smooth. The industry generally believes that the long-term prospects for tungsten are mixed.

The advantage lies in the mining control and control policies, environmental protection policies, the decline of resource grades and the increase in the value of tungsten resources, such as the increase in the value of tungsten resources, which will significantly contribute to the cost, supply and confidence of the industry. The bearishness lies in the uncertainty of trade friction between China and the United States, the global manufacturing economic downturn, and the decline of downstream related consumer industries (such as the traditional market such as light bulbs being replaced by LED lights and electric vehicles), which will aggravate the uncertainty of market trade. And the reduction in industrial demand.

It is worth noting that the trend of the nearly 30,000 tons of APT in Pan-Asia, which has been boosted by the current round of tungsten market, and which is more than the majority of the industry's expected bidding price, has not yet been settled. Some concerns that inventory inflows will hit the market. The weak balance of supply and demand, resulting in this round of market or just a short-lived. However, most of the players are clearly confident about the operation of Lo Mo, and Johann Jacobs, executive chairman of King Island Scheelite, said in an interview that Lu Mo Keep these APTs for internal use. If you want to sell them on the market, Lo Mo should hope to earn 25-40% of the profits. He expects the lowest price of APT to rise to around 250-270 US dollars / metric ton, the industry's estimated domestic balance of payments APT price is about 220 US dollars / metric ton.

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