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Tungsten City Analysis 8-26: Market calm at the end of the month When will the deadlock break?

The market continued the previous calm market, neither the transaction started nor the inquiry, because the tungsten sand and APT were upside down, and the uncertainty brought by the pan-Asian inventory, the manufacturer had no room for concessions at this time. There is also no willingness to operate.

       From the perspective of tungsten ore, the current market is basically a state in which high prices cannot be sold and can not be bought at a low price. The dividing line of this price is 74,000 yuan/standard ton. The miners and traders have their own concerns. The miners said that there is basically no operational space for tungsten mines, and some high-cost mines have been discontinued. However, due to the large labor cost burden caused by the suspension of tungsten mines, the same difficulties are faced, and some mines that have not stopped production are also reluctant to sell their mentality. They are not willing to ship, but will face pressure from the capital in the later period, and the inventory will continue to increase and the risk will increase.

The APT market faces three dilemmas. First, tungsten sand is difficult to buy. The so-called clever woman is hard to be without rice. The high-priced tungsten sand is meaningless to the smelter. Second, pan-Asian inventory, the recent wait-and-see attitude of manufacturers is basically because of this inventory, after all, such a large supply will cause a big impact on the smelter if improperly disposed. Since May this year, the reduction of smelter production has become the norm. It is not uncommon to stop production. Third, the demand is not good, the current terminal demand has not recovered, domestic and foreign manufacturers are waiting to wait, but more worrying is not the delay of manufacturers procurement, but the reduction just needed.

       Based on the above dilemmas, the smelter is also in a dilemma. In recent days, the long-sale price has been trading at 108,500 yuan/ton, and the transaction of bulk cargo is relatively small. The transaction price is from 11 to 112,000 yuan/ton. Obviously upside down. The buyers are worried that the price is unstable and they are trying to suppress the price. Therefore, the market transactions are relatively small, and basically all of them can be bought and sold. In the short term, the market will maintain the status quo. The biggest dilemma facing the powder market is weak demand.

The price of export APT has basically remained at the level of last week. According to some domestic exporters, the current price of export APT is basically around US$195/ton, and the number of inquiries is very small, which is basically consistent with the domestic market, and foreign manufacturers are also Concerned about the final solution of the Pan-Asian APT, the procurement has also been delayed, and some manufacturers in Europe are nearing the end of the summer vacation, and are not ready to enter the market for a large number of stockings, so the export market should be relatively dull.

The market is basically the same, this week is still waiting for "Pan Asia", since we know that the rain will come, then the rain will be followed by the weather, the current manufacturers can do is to repair their own houses, let it withstand The ability to wind and rain until the rain has passed.

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