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Disagreement in the market

This week, the divergence of the tungsten market has intensified. This divergence mainly comes from the price between long-term and bulk cargoes. This disagreement also reflects the different attitudes of enterprises towards the market. At present, the market is weak, and the sales of major tungsten products are decreasing. Most of the tungsten mines and smelters are still reluctant to sell at a low price. The main reason for reluctant sales is of course upside down. However, even if they are interested in selling, the difficulty is increasing, especially in the future market. Under the premise of great uncertainty, there are very few buyers.

The tungsten ore market continued to remain strong. Although the price of bulk black tungsten concentrates has reached 7.3-7.4 million yuan/ton, the actual transaction volume is very small. The mine is unwilling to sell this price, and the downstream smelters are not willing to take over. Because the APT made is facing a serious upside down, the bulk trade of tungsten mines has recently reached a stalemate stage.

The APT market is weak. The difficulty of purchasing low-priced bulk tungsten sand is still very large. Most smelters are also in a state of reluctance to sell. There are very few manufacturers of bulk cargoes of less than 110,000 yuan/ton. The actual manufacturers who purchase them are basically enterprises. Changdan and just need, the transaction price in the past few days is about 110,000 yuan / ton. The purchase price of APT long orders for large tungsten enterprises in Jiangxi and Guangdong is 10.85 and 108,000 yuan/ton respectively. Due to concerns about the impact of the ”°Pan Asia APT”± inventory, most of the manufacturers have recently wait and see. The market trading of tungsten powder alloys is deserted, manufacturers have less demand for raw materials procurement, and most of the transactions are mainly demand. Due to the uncertainties in the market in the future, most manufacturers still hold a wait-and-see attitude. At present, the price of granular tungsten carbide in the powder factory is maintained at 175-180 yuan/kg, and the price of medium-grain tungsten powder is 177-182 yuan/kg.

In summary, in recent days, the tungsten market has been subtle, and the game between enterprises will continue between the upstream and downstream.

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